The Urban List: Where To Go For A Long Lunch In Perth

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Ah, the long lunch. A lazy day with friends or a cheeky ‘business meeting’, any excuse will do. There is something very indulgent about taking time out of the middle of the day to just prioritise some good food and a few drinks. As lunch is often the most rushed meal of the day, when you can step back and enjoy a long and lazy one, it’s bliss. If you can get one in (lucky you!), there a plenty of lunch Perth options.  

The fab people over at Urban List are always on the hunt for the best places to eat in Perth and are one of our top sources of inspiration when we head out with friends and family for Perth food. If you are looking for the best lunch in Perth, check out the Urban List recommendations, which we think are pretty bang on. We are delighted, of course, to get a mention as one of the best Perth lunch spots! You can view our full lunch menu here. 

We hope you enjoy a taster of the Urban List article below. Disclaimer: long lunches can often turn into long afternoons and evenings. You have been warned!  



If it’s not the luscious greenery dripping from the ceiling that lulls you into a long and lazy lunch at Tiisch, it might be the pale pastel colour palette or the delicious food that does it. Between deciding what to order from their exquisite lunch menu and then never wanting to leave the beautiful space they’ve created, you could be there all day.

Il Lido


The perfect combination of fine and casual dining, Il Lido’s food is a hug on a plate—a long, lingering hug. Lovingly crafted, produce driven Italian fare in a warm and welcoming beachfront canteen makes for the perfect long lunch, and that’s before even cracking into the award-winning wine list. Caution: this may turn into dinner.


City Beach

So much more than somewhere to stop in for a quick coffee and newspaper after a swim, Odyssea offers sweeping ocean views and streaming sunlight throughout, not to mention some excellent long lunch options. Classy, yet definitively laid-back, you’ll head in wearing thongs for a smoothie and a salad, and wind up slurping oysters and cracking the champagne three hours later.

The Shorehouse


Come for the iconic Insta-pic underneath the striped yellow umbrellas, stay for the thick cut bacon and downright delicious Bloody Mary menu. Shorehouse lends itself to a long lunch of any form: relax and celebrate on the deck in the midday sun, enjoy a fine, lingering meal in the restaurant, or have a casual catch up in one of the booths by the entrance.

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