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Tiisch terms and conditions

We invite you to read our FAQs and T&Cs relating to bottomless brunch, bottomless lunch and bottomless dinner before making your reservation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Need to change or cancel a booking? Please EMAIL us instead of phoning: info@tiisch.com.au

Your table will be held strictly for 15 minutes only after your reservation time. Please advise us if you will be late.

A la carte (all day brunch menu) tables are allocated for 60 minutes if your group is 7 or less. Tables are allocated for 90 minutes if your group is 8 or more. Please contact us if you anticipate different timings and we’ll see what we can do. If you wish to pre-order, please contact us by email 48 hours in advance.

Bottomless brunch & lunch tables are allocated for 120 minutes.

Bottomless dinner tables are allocated for 90 minutes. You can extend by 30 mins for +$15 on the 5:30pm sitting only. Please note if your group is over 24 guests – 120 minutes is mandatory.

For all bottomless packages, the final beverage top ups are 15 mins before the end of sitting, allowing guests time to finish their last drink within the sitting allocation.

For larger groups (13 and above) you may be split across more than one table parallel.

Please note Public Holidays incur a 15% surcharge on top of the listed menu prices.

We can easily accommodate the following dietary requirements; gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Just let your friendly wait staff know when ordering. For any other requirements please contact us in advance.

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Click here for all day brunch T&Cs

A $20 credit card booking guarantee is required per person to reserve your table for all bottomless sittings. When you enter your card details, this is a pre-authorisation where funds will be verified, but NOT charged as a deposit. The full balance of your bottomless brunch is payable on the day (for groups under 30).

The card you enter while booking will only be charged if you do not show, or cancel the booking / reduce final numbers with less than 72 hours notice. Please note the cancellation fee is per person.

Please be advised that split billing is not possible with reservations over 20 guests. In addition, there may be periods during very busy service when we are unable to offer split billing for larger groups (6+) and we thank you for your understanding. For groups under 20 we can do split billing on the day however we appreciate as few cards as possible to avoid large queues of individual payments. For groups 20 to 29, payment on a maximum of 3 cards is due on the day. For 30 and above full payment is due 2 weeks in advance (non-refundable). In December the pre-payment period extends from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in advance due to the busy nature of the festive period.

Joining us for a special occasion such as a hen do? You may bring flowers and balloons only as decorations. Strictly no glitter or confetti!

We will waive the cancellation fee for anyone who is covid positive, and we encourage them to isolate and stay home if unwell (as per the Government guidance). Please note we will require proof by way of screen shot of the SMS received by WA Health (after a RAT test is submitted to them online), or, the screen shot of the positive PCR result SMS. To waive the late cancellation fee, the SMS date should be within 72 hours of your booking. For groups of 4 or less we can waive the full table, above this we only waive for the individual/s. For example, if you booked a table of 20 and one person was covid positive and you wished to cancel the full table (rather than just 19 people turning up), a late cancellation fee of 19 x $20 = $380 would be charged.


Important T&Cs for bottomless sittings

* Kindly arrive 5 mins early and queue OUTSIDE so we can start your sitting on time.
* A friendly reminder to bring photo ID if you are lucky enough to look under 25.
*  No additional discounts (Entertainment card is valid for a la carte only, not bottomless packages).
* Drinks packages / tables are allocated for the time specified when booking (typically 90 or 120 mins). Unfortunately, if you arrive late you forfeit that time.
* Strictly one (1) drink per person at a time.
* It is not good practice to stockpile beverages or skull beverages. Service will be terminated without refund if guests are skulling beverages.
* 2 person minimum on jugs or bottles – first half of sitting only, second half of sitting is by the glass.
* Our bar closes 15 mins before the end of service, allowing you time to finish your last drink within the sitting allocation. Feel free to grab us before the bar closes for a final top up, if you don’t already have a full drink.

* Please choose your bottomless menu carefully – it’s not possible to switch from brunch to lunch or vice versa on the day (72 hours’ notice required).
* Off menu items such as additional sides, coffees and drinks ordered are charged at the regular price.
* Want to BYO a celebration cake? No problem, our cakeage fee is $5 per person.
* Please respect your fellow diners and keep the volume at a reasonable level. We are a café, not a nightclub – please take this into account with your behaviour.
* Any offensive behaviour will be met with RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) laws and alcohol service will be limited accordingly.
* Any damage caused to the venue will be charged to the pre-authorisation card, including a cleaning fee of $100 for vomit related incidents (gross – please just don’t).

Bottomless package FAQs

Q) Do you do split billing for groups?
A) Great news – yes we do for groups under 20. However, please note if every guest pays individually it is a time consuming process. We typically bring the bill to your table 15-30 mins before the sitting ends for you to review and make payment, to avoid large queues between sittings. The beauty of our bottomless brunch, lunch and dinner packages is that they are a fixed price so working out the bill is very easy for large groups. It’s super helpful when one person pays for a few friends at a time as it speeds things up!

For groups 20 to 29, payment on a maximum of 3 cards is due on the day. For 30 and above full payment is due 2 weeks in advance (non-refundable).

Q) I’m organising for a large group, can we pay in advance to get a firm commitment?
A) For groups 30+ we require advance payment 2 weeks in advance (non-refundable) as you are booking out the majority of our venue. If you are over 10 and under 30 guests, we find large groups sometimes prefer to collect the money in advance to get commitment, so the lead booker is not left short if someone doesn’t show or pulls out last minute. In this case everyone transfers their share to the lead booker as non-refundable (2 weeks in advance), and then with one card the lead booker pays in advance for everyone (we can send a payment link on request). It can work well when the group are not all very good friends (hen dos, etc). This pre-payment option for groups under 30 is by request only, please email us at info@tiisch.com.au to arrange, otherwise full payment is due on the day.

Q) Does our whole table need to choose either the alcohol package or non-alcohol?
A) No, you decide on the drinks package on a per person basis. For example, a table of 8 may have 6 guests doing the alcohol package and 2 guests doing the ‘virgin’ package. Please select the appropriate options when booking as it assists us with ordering for the week.

Q) One of my guests chose the ‘virgin’ option when I booked but has since changed their mind. Is this ok?
A) Yes, absolutely. No need to let us know this change in advance, just let us know on the day. Same with the reverse – if someone was planning to do the standard alcohol drinks package but on the day has changed their mind – no problem, just let us know when you order so we can run the correct price through the till.

Q) Are sides included?
A) No, additional sides for the food menu are charged as extras.

Q) What is your maximum group size?
A) We regularly host large groups bookings and our set menus make this a breeze for your group (no awkward bill splitting!). Please note if you are over 12 guests you will be split across 2 or more tables. 32 guests is the maximum for sit down events but we can go higher in some instances with private hire. There is no minimum number for our bottomless packages.

Q) I don’t know my final numbers yet, should I just book a big table and work it out later?
A) You are welcome to book for the maximum anticipated numbers and reduce it soon after. However, please do let us know asap as we like to avoid empty tables where possible. In the past, we have had tables of 30 or more get reduced to 10-15 for example which leaves us short. It’s been a very difficult time for the hospitality industry since COVID arrived on the scene, please show your support and respect to venues by letting them maximise their covers. Food ordering and staffing are based on bookings, it really does make a huge difference when you don’t turn up and this is why many venues now have cancellation fees. They simply can not afford to turn away bookings during their busy periods and then have no shows. We hope you understand.

Thank you and enjoy!

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