A stylish and modern eatery in Perth’s CBD, Tiisch pulls no punches when it comes to the dining experience.

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Owner and chef, Sven Sander, established Tiisch in 2016 to service the growing demand for high-quality cafes in Perth.  Named after the German word for ‘table’; Tiisch alludes to both Sven’s cultural background and his philosophy surrounding a shared meal with good friends.  Tiisch is more than simply a café; it is a space tailor-made for social stimulation and conversation.  The airy, white and pastel décor is friendly and inviting whilst the various climbing plants convey a sense of serenity; a welcome escape from the surrounding city.

The menu is unashamedly European with twists on classics such as the ‘Tiisch Niçoise Salad’ made with salmon confit or the ‘Steak and Frites’ with béarnaise sauce.  As with the décor, the food is immaculately presented and is, of course, delicious.  Just recently, Tiisch has begun opening in the evening with a full bistro dinner menu and wine list.  The imaginative cocktails are also a must-try; whether you’re in the mood for a tried-and-true espresso martini (our personal favourite) or something more adventurous like the Quatier Neuf (made with pickle juice!), the expert team at Tiisch have got you covered.

Of course we couldn’t write an article on Tiisch without mentioning the coffee!  Rounding out the ‘café trifecta’ (great food, great service and great coffee), Tiisch go all-in when it comes to their coffee.  A crisp white La Marzocco Linea PB is flanked by: two Mythos One grinders, one white one black (for white and black coffees respectively) an EK43 and a Moccamaster Thermoking.  There is also a small brewing station for individually brewed V60’s.  The shelves are constantly stocked with a range of single origin coffee from multiple roasters including local favourites: Coffeefusion, Loaded, Dukes and, of course, yours truly.  The custom house blend is a mixture of Colombian, Costa Rican and Brazilian specialty coffee designed to strike that perfect balance of sweetness and acidity when combined with milk (black coffees are rotating single origins).

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